Cambro Camkiosk Portable Self Contained Hand Sink Cart

Sales price: $1,650.00

The Cambro KSC402192 granite green CamKiosk portable self-contained hand sink cart is a great way to allow employees or customers to wash their hands when you're nowhere near a water hookup! Once filled, all you need is a 110V electrical connection! Two 5 gallon fresh water tanks and two 7.5 gallon refuse tanks provide approximately 70 hand washings per fill.The Cambro KSC402192 self-contained hand sink cart features a water heater with a 2.5 gallon capacity that heats up water in 10 minutes, so you can run either cold or hot (up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit) water to the faucet. These tanks are easy to insert and remove for filling and emptying. An NSF listed water pump supplies the water to the faucet.

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